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Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that, in some small way, the time you spend with us will help you in your personal walk with Christ.
The pastor of Grace Church is committed to the reformation principle of,
"Sola Scriptura" (Scripture only), the concept that the Scriptures contain everything we need to know God and His plan for Mankind.
God has revealed Himself to us in the pages of both the Old and New Testaments. In its pages we can follow history to the beginning of time and the future till the end of time and beyond.
Throughout history the Lord has given us great Bible teachers and leaders, but men are fallible, where as the Word of God is not. Everything that is taught in the writings of men, in the churches around the world, or the pulpit of this church must always be judged by the Scriptures.
We hope that you enjoy the time you spend with us today. We also hope that you will consider making our small church your church home. It is our goal to help you grow in your knowledge of God and your relationship with Him.

Please join us for our Sunday morning service at 10:30. Afterwards we serve coffee and some treats in our fellowship hall. We really would like to get to know you.

Phone: 708-453-7016